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Special Bad Weather Scoring Policies

Interrupted Game policy:

   All pool games that reach the ½ game mark (12 ½ minutes) will have the score at the time the game is called be the final 

score for the game.

   All pool games that have not reached the ½ game mark but have a score with a difference of at least 3 goals will be scored as a win for the team that is ahead and a loss for the team that is behind at the time the game is called.

   All pool games played less than ½ but have a score with a difference of less than 3 goals at the time the game is called will be scored as a tie.

   All pool games that are called with a tie score will be considered a tie, no matter what the time of game.

   A teams first game that does not get started and is a cancelled due to bad weather will be scored as a tie for each team.

   Any remaining games not started and cancelled after the first game will be considered a win for each team.

   If all teams in a grade bracket have only played 2 games, no finals will be played on Sunday. However, if at least two teams in the grade bracket gets a third game in then all other teams will be scored as above.

   Points will be awarded after games as follows:

     * 3 points for a win

     * 1 point for a tie

     *0 points for a loss

No attempt will be made to reschedule any canceled games.

Pool ties will be broken by the follow:

1. Head to head

2. Goal differential

3. Fewest Goals allowed

4. Total Goals Scored

5. Coin toss

All ties in playoff games will be decided in a sudden victory period.

Please see Harford Hockey Fest rules for details.