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Harford Hockey Tournament Regulations

  • Only the team’s head coach and the referee on the field will discuss any questions or disputes.
  • If a dispute is discussed during a game, the clock will continue to count down, the time will not be placed back on the clock.
  • There will be no time out during a game.
  • The first team listed is home team and they will get possession of the ball. The away team will choose direction.
  • There will be no central horn. The ref will keep time on the field.
  • All games must start on time.

Disqualification will occur if:

  • A player playing for the team is not listed on the roster
  • A player is listed on more than one roster for the tournament
  • A high school player is listed on the roster or participates in the tournament
  • Any false information is given on the registration form or roster
  • Any abrasive conduct by the coach, team players or parents is displayed